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stuffed sourdough bagel bites

Sourdough recipe:

375 g warm water

75 g fed starter

500 g flour

10 g salt

  • Add water and starter together and mix well with hands

  • Add flour and salt and you will get your shaggy mess

  • Let it sit for 30 mins

  • Begin stretch and fold

  • Stretch and fold every 30 mins for the next 2 hours

  • Let sit over night or 6-8 hrs

  • Preshape

  • Rest for one hour

Cut dough into smaller sizes and flatten, add cream cheese and roll into balls

Add egg wash and toppings

I used Trader Joes "everything but the bagel" seasoning and plain cream cheese. Our other favorite Combo was plain rolls with strawberry cream cheese.

Bake @375 for 20mins


easy to freeze for busy mornings these were tasty cold or warm up in the air fryer. we keep ours in the fridge.

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