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splish,splash,splash pad!

Hi there, first-time moms! Going to a splash pad with your toddler for the first time can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. We didn't have splash pads where I grew up so I had no idea what to bring the first time we went!

  1. Sunscreen: as always when playing outdoors make sure to apply sunscreen to your toddler's skin before heading out to the splash pad, and reapply it every 2 hours or after getting wet. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF and that is specifically made for children to avoid skin irritation.

  2. Swimsuit: Dress your toddler in a swimsuit that fits well and is comfortable.

  3. Towels and extra clothes: drying your child off before heading back into the car is a good way to keep them comfortable. If you are not heading home after the splash pad pack some extra clothes that they can change into.The insulation pocket on your Sandbox and Shore bag can double as a wet bag!

  4. Water shoes: Splash pads can have rough surfaces and surrounding cement can be hot, so water shoes can help protect your toddler's feet from getting scratched or hurt.

  5. Snacks and water: Pack some snacks and water to keep your toddler hydrated and energized during playtime.

  6. Diapers and wipes: If your toddler is not potty-trained, make sure to bring swim diapers extra diapers and wipes for changing.i have found for splash pads I prefer the reusable cloth swim diapers.

  7. First aid kit: It's always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit on hand in case of minor injuries, like cuts or scrapes.this is something that could stay in your car or in your Sandbox and Shore bag.

  8. Toys and water play accessories: Bring some of your toddler's favorite toys and water play accessories, like buckets or squirt toys, to add to the fun.

Sandbox and Shore bags are great for splash pad playing because of their water resistant exterior. Remember to always supervise your toddler when playing in the splash pad and be mindful of any posted safety rules. Have fun and enjoy this new experience with your little one!

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