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Little Simple toddler games

We all know I'm all about simplicity over here, I love that most of these games are not complex and you don't need to run to the store for anything! There are many fun and engaging learning games that can help toddlers develop a variety of skills, including:

  1. Shape sorting games: These games help toddlers develop their fine motor skills and shape recognition abilities.

  2. Color matching games: These games help toddlers learn about different colors and develop their matching skills.

  3. Memory games: Memory games help toddlers develop their cognitive abilities and improve their memory skills.

  4. Puzzles: Puzzles help toddlers develop their problem-solving skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. Look for puzzles that have large pieces. wood puzzles are great for little hands and developing brains.

  5. Letter and number recognition games: These games help toddlers learn the alphabet and numbers, and develop their reading and math skills.

  6. Sensory play activities: Sensory play activities like playing with playdough or exploring different textures can help toddlers develop their fine motor skills and sensory processing abilities.

  7. Pretend play activities: Pretend play activities like playing house or pretending to be a doctor can help toddlers develop their social skills and imagination.

  8. Rainbow writing can help writing skills. Print out letters and laminate or place them in a plastic page protector and allow children to write over them in crayons or dry erase markers.

It's important to choose games and activities that are developmentally appropriate for your child and that match their interests and abilities. Always supervise your child during playtime and make sure the games and activities are safe and age-appropriate. Another great way to help toddlers brain development is pointing things out while you're out and about, repetition is key for learning!

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