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I wanted to introduce myself and the Sandbox & Shore blog so you know what to expect when visiting. I’m Meaghen, the creator, designer and owner of Sandbox & Shore LLC. I grew up in San Diego, CA but currently live in Arizona. I was a nanny for over 10 years and worked with many different ages and family styles. I learned a lot along the way and would love to share with you.

I know when taking care of children it can be difficult to come up with engaging entertainment or you may feel lost about what to pack when planning a trip the beach for the first time., I want to help alleviate some of the stress you may feel about these things so you can enjoy your time with your kids.I will be posting two to three blogs a month on tips, tricks and safety measures for parents and caretakers. Each month I will focus on a theme that matches the seasons. I will sprinkle in fun games, favorite locations (I have lived in San Diego CA, Las Vegas NV and Mesa AZ) or snacks for you and your little ones and hope to be a useful place for you to gain information. Most of the posts will be in list form so they are easy to read and follow.

I hope that my content may be applied to your life in a productive and positive way that allows you and your children to have fun together.

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