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I'm Meaghen, creator, Designer, and owner of Sandbox & Shore LLC.

the idea for my bags all started when a southern California girl moved to the desert of Las Vegas. As a nanny, She wanted a bag to bring to the park that would fit all of the toys and would bring home the toys without bringing home the sand from the sandbox. my idea to add a sturdy mesh bottom to the bag to filter out all of the sand evolved, and the finished product has many more features that satisfy my needs and wants.  Each bag is designed to keep sand out of your bag with our unique vinyl coated wide mesh bottom. this mesh filters out fine beach sand and most sandbox sand, allowing you to go from Sandbox to shore, and back home sand free!.

i am happy to  introduce the world to my design!



each bag is designed to keep sand where it belongs and out of your bag with a unique sturdy vinyl mesh bottom.

other fun features:

  • water repellant exterior

  • front pouch with mesh bottom for easy to reach items {Sturdy Vinyl Mesh}

  • cellphone pocket in front pouch 

  • discreet zippered pocket for personal belongs

  • two large mesh bottom water bottle holders {flexible nylon Mesh}

  • large solid zippered pocket 

  • large mesh bottom main pocket with  three magnetic snaps {sturdy vinyl mesh}

  • insulated zippered pocket {ice packs not included}
  • 5 D rings & 2 wide (1.5 inches )  Removable straps allowing for different styles  

{4 rings on the top and one centered in the bottom of the back allowing fora backpack style}



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